Issue Fifteen

From whether or not voting with our dollar and working within the system is creating change to dreaming of ways to build something different, T.O.F.U. #15 shares the thoughts and experiences of vegan business owners (e.g., Herbivore Clothing, Food Fight!, and Scapegoat Tattoo), activists (e.g., lauren Ornelas of Food Empowerment Project), and more to try and make some sense of the tangled web we weave when money gets involved.

90+ pages, full colour.
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Image contains a black background with a yellow circular object coming up from the bottom of the frame. The visible middle portion of the object is missing, and it looks like a mouth. Above the object, there are two blocks of text. The larger one, just below the middle of the image, says "Making Change". The word "Making" is in white, and the word "Change" is in orange. The smaller block of text below says "Will simply eating all the vegan things" in one line and "save the world?" in another. The words "save the world?" are in orange. Just above the text, there is a small brown piece of what looks like ground beef. At the very top of the image, there is text that says "T.O.F.U." in white, and within that text there is more text that says "T.O.F.U. Magazine". The word “T.O.F.U.” is in orange. Just below the white T.O.F.U., there is text that says "Issue 15 Capitalism November 2019”.