On the Road

For the third issue I recruited the lovely Amanda Rogers and Mike Matta (both who now play as The Pleasants) to travel across North America with me. For a little over a month we called a van home and journeyed from the east coast to the west of both Canada and the US. Between issues at the border, running out of gas, waking-up to a goat in a bathtub, the Grand Canyon, the Redwood Forest and so much more we had some interesting times to say the least. Below you will find a glimpse of all the craziness:

T.O.F.U. Tour Blog – All the shenanigans rolled into one little clip after another.

T.O.F.U. Tour Cooking Lessons – Vegan cooking while on the road. Not always as fun as it sounds.

T.O.F.U. Tour One Bite Challenge – A little something to entertain ourselves, probably more than it entertains you.