Vegan dating made easy… or sleazy?

How to know about vegan girl

Let her know that you are really interested in her. You really don’t have to follow a vegan girl’s belief in order to charm her.

Wow, this just made my life goal a lot easier. Thank you Internet for your wonderful advice!

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  1. Kira wrote: May. 11, 2010

    My favourite part is “Take her to a date that she likes.” Maybe that has been my problem! I keep taking vegan girls to dates they don’t like! It all seems so SIMPLE now.

    • admin wrote: May. 11, 2010

      Wait, I thought going to the Keg would be a great idea?!?
      Don’t girls, vegan or not, only eat salads anyway?

  2. Ashley wrote: May. 11, 2010

    No. However, I would like to follow your progress as you travel down this very sketchy road. It would make a great How Not To article.

  3. Ashley wrote: May. 11, 2010

    So many questions. Did a child write that? Was it even proof-read? Why is there a swingers link in the middle of a sentence? Can the word “vegan” be substituted with any other word? “Know the one thing that martian girls hate. Women are already complicated, more so if she is a martian girl. A martian girl is very sensitive when it comes to her diet and the environment.” Does the author know what a vegan actually is? Why did she just keep repeating herself? Why are you reading creepy articles on how to woo vegan girls?

    • admin wrote: May. 11, 2010

      Twitter made me do it.
      I think it’s basically just a blog written to increase search engine hits, which means extra ad income for the company. By no means do I think it’s a great article, but I do plan on taking every single word and living by it from here on in. Today is the start of my new life as the Tof-ooer. Does that work as well as it does in my head?

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