A pinch of ambition, a dash of funny and a classic cookbook.

Sure, you’ve veganized your mother’s cookie recipe, and even your family recipe for macaroni and cheese, but what about a whole cookbook?

Annie and Dan Shannon, a lovely couple with a penchant for the X-Files and Star Wars as much as for tofu, have taken it upon themselves to veganize the entire Betty Crocker cookbook.

Meet the Shannons

After being inspired/disturbed by the movie Julie & Julia, Annie decided to find ways to eliminate animal cruelty from so many favourite American dishes. So, what better way to do this then by veganizing the recipes of that commercial cookbook icon Betty Crocker?

With recipes such as Eggs Benedict, Beer Can Tofurkey, and Linguine with Clams they make me feel like my quinoa dish tonight was far from ambitious.

Granted, like the veganization of most staple foods, there are a lot of processed substitutes being used. However, if you’re going to attempt something like Beer Can Tofurkey, I think health isn’t the highest concern on the list, right?

So, for those nights when you wish you could whip up the traditional Tuna Casserole without harming a pile of fish, dolphins, and other sea life, the Shannons have you covered.

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