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Siue Moffat, author of two vegan dessert cookbooks, chose to take her love of sweets to a new level when she started Boardwalk Chocolates. Siue often pleasantly surprises customers with such things as 100% recyclable chocolate boxes and flavours like “the Contortionist.” Originally only available in Canada through retailers like Ethical Ocean and Viva Granola, you can now find Boardwalk Chocolates in the United States via Vegan Essentials. Do your sweet tooth a favour (while supporting a great vegan business) and check them out!

Why run a vegan-friendly business?
I’m a long time vegan so I wouldn’t even think of starting a food business that wasn’t vegan! There’s enough regular chocolatiers out there.

How long have you been in business?
I’ve been selling “for real” since Dec 2008. It’s been a tumultuous 2 years!

Favourite part about it?
Making the chocolate! There’s nothing I love more than being in my kitchen alone and listening to crazy music or old time horror radio shows. 🙂

Anything new people should know about?
If you live in Toronto you should check in on the limited editions at Panacea. They are very small batches of concoctions I might never make again. Get them before they are gobbled up! I send out a quick message on my “specials” email list when I make a batch.

Is your chocolate bark better than your truffle’s bite?
No way! Is it bad for me to admit that I’m not a bark fan? Frankly I think dried fruit ruins chocolate but there are PLENTY of people who like it, so I make it. My truffles, on the other hand, are to die for!

What’s THE thing a vegan has to do in your town?
If you are in Toronto you will get chastised to your grave by your friends if you don’t check out Panacea – Toronto’s only vegan store and possibly the biggest vegan store in North America! 588 Bloor St west. Don’t be a schmuck!

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