Musing While Melting

arizona desert

It’s a little warm here in Halifax, a little warm indeed. I think it can mainly be blamed on the ocean next to us and the humidity it brings. I’m sure when we were in Arizona I was not this uncomfortable sitting in one spot. Sweating is as easy as breathing right now, maybe even easier.

With that in mind, I started thinking about ice cream and how I wish I could get it in more places. If only there were more ice cream shops like Lula’s Apothecary in NYC I could keep cool and satisfy my sweet tooth. Of course, we need a bigger demand for such things in order for them to happen, which got me to thinking whether or not I would enjoy having vegan ice cream shops the world over if people were more interested in it for dietary reasons versus animal suffering reasons.

What do you think? Is a successful vegan shop successful either way, or should the success of the business be measured more in terms of how many people are doing it for animals?

Maybe I’m reading a little too much of Striking at the Roots to consider things a success without looking at their reason for it, but it’s better than just thinking about how hot I am while typing this, right?

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