WAIW | Biking in Chiang Mai

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I sort of missed last week’s Where Am I Wednesday due to some computer issues, but perhaps you caught my livestream on Facebook instead? Either way, I probably don’t have to explain how unimpressed I was to wake-up this morning with more issues after spending a rather large sum of money to fix the previous issues.

Luckily, I was able to kind of fix things enough so that I could get some work done, but I still told myself that I should get out of the house for a bit just to step away from my old laptop that isn’t quite as trustworthy as it once was. Plus, I needed a change from the beans and rice I’ve been eating for days, so the rough start to the morning served as the perfect excuse to hop on the bike and head to the nearest restaurant that serves veg dishes.

If you’re interested in what that little adventure was like, check out this week’s WAIW episode!

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