WAIW | Reaction to the USA Election (2020)

Image contains a photo of a painted white wall with small bumps and a thin line going across the middle.

In what seems like the longest day in the lives of so many, the American election is (sort of) coming to a close, and many folks are left (once again) wondering how it could be so close.

Granted, the truly final results may not be know for some time due to mail-in ballots and other things, as well as the possibility of a lengthy legal battle, but the current standings of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have surprised plenty of folks.

Personally, I’d love to say that I’m shocked Biden isn’t riding a landslide victory right now, but I’m not. The United States of America has problems, and Trump is just the representation of so many of them. Whether he actually wins or loses another term, the fact that millions and millions of people thought him appropriate for leader of the country is problematic in many ways.

For more of my thoughts on this, please watch this week’s WAIW episode.

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