Vegan reality tv?

Has anyone else seen the ads here in Canada for the show about two people trying to start a vegan restaurant? I have yet to watch it, but I’m surprised to have heard the word “vegan” in an ad for a reality show. I guess this means I need to start watching more of the Women’s network to try and catch it. Or I could just learn how to use the satellite guide…

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  1. Helen wrote: Jan. 20, 2010

    Not sure of the name of the show but the restaurant is in Ottawa, Ontario. It is called Zen Kitchen. Just looked on Zen Kitchen website and the show is called The Restaurant Adventures of Caroline and Dave on Wednesday night at 9pm (eastern) on W network. Haven’t watched the show but sounds interesting.

    • admin wrote: Jan. 21, 2010

      Thanks for the info! It seems there is good word about the restaurant, so I shall have to check it out the next time I’m in Ottawa. There are some great little spots in that city already, but another one surely will not hurt!


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