Are we special?

After just recently moving back to my hometown to try and figure out a plan of attack for the next few months to a year (yes, this probably means another delay in the magazine and I’m sorry!) I’ve found myself faced once again with the idea that in many ways I am part of a lot of minorities. Not the big, easily visible ones, but the ones that come up in conversation or at the dinner table.
It is because of this that I’m wondering just how much the privilige of being able to choose so many things has led to me choosing not to partake in mass consumerism, eating meat, owning a car, etc…
It also has me wondering how I can ever hope to get through to those who have no choice but Wal-Mart or the $3.99 happy meal.
When you’re more concerned about your own survival from day to day it seems to me that it would be harder to be concerned for the survival of others.
I’m rambling a little with all of this for sure, but I thought it was time to shoot another bit of life into this blog and this is what I’m coming up with.
Well, this and the subsequent idea that we can not hope to convince the world of anything if we don’t have people doing the work locally. I know nothing of the culture in Zambia, so how can I start telling them to stop idlng their cars and to start eating nutritional yeast? I’ve always feared the idea that because I think something is right, it must be right. History is full of examples of how wrong this is. Hell, even the history books themselves are an example of one person or group’s “right” over another group’s “wrong.”
Alright, end ramble.

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