To criticize or to praise?

I just had what I believe is my third meal at the Sprout here in Newfoundland, and I’m at a crossroads.
The last two meals there have been average at best, and I’m left wondering if I should try to find somewhere else to eat for the next 24hrs?
The problem is, I want to support the Sprout. Plus, I don’t know if there really is another option in this small city. I could go looking, but the idea of walking out of a restaurant if there is nothing there or simply ordering the French fries (I’m not a salad person) is not appealing.
That being said, I did have a great eggplant burger at Folly last night after the Hey Rosetta! Show. I just wonder at what point supporting a veg restaurant in a city with few options should take priority over a happy stomach?
I know Lisa Dempster has suggested in the past that good vegan food at a meaty restaurant is better than bad vegan food at a veg restaurant, but what if the options are really limited?
My stomach is anxiously waitig for me to make the decision as I’m running out of menu options at the Sprout, and I think they’re starting to notice my constant presence there.


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