Is there a best before date for this?

So, it’s been nearly a year since I hit the road for the third issue, and a fourth issue has yet to surface. Are the apologies even good any more? If so, I am sorry. If not, I understand.

Regardless, perhaps an explanation is in order?

Well, let’s start from last summer. Soon after the tour I got back to work in Halifax and decided to take a break from the crazy vegan lit world. I think it’s easy to understand that spending months preparing the issue and the tour, and then being on the road for over a month can lead to needing some downtime, right? Of course, during this I was still working a full-time job and doing the occasional event or helping with a tour. Fast forward a few months and the full-time job disappears. Yup, the slow economy had finally bit me in the ass in the small coastal city in the east of Canada. A few quick decisions later and I was headed back to my hometown in Newfoundland to spend the winter and figure out the next big adventure.

As Christmas passes and family members arrive and depart on planes, I juggle the idea of Thailand or staying in the Great White North. During all of this I hold off on starting the next issue as being overseas or remaining in the country would make a big difference to how the next issue would be released and how easily I could work on it. So, time passed and the great escape to monasteries and 3am pad thai slowly gave way to responsibility and facing student-related debt.

This brings us up to today. The point where, yet again, I am saying that work will start soon and something will happen in the next few months. A previous attempt to start things already has some seeds planted for topics and contributors, which should mean that I really just need to find lovely vegan-friendly companies to once again get behind the little guy. Then again, I guess I also need people to want to read the thing, right?

So, will you forgive me once again, and perhaps continue to show some love to the little magazine that should?

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