Free T.O.F.U. treats on Halloween!

On this most hallowed of eves, I thought I would bring your attention to the fact that all past T.O.F.U.-related goodies are now available for free, and without the crazy mess that was our store. That’s right, one simple click can bring you any of the cookbooks, magazines or the dining guide. Most of these lovely sweets are no longer in print, and I doubt they ever will be again, so feel free to indulge in as many of them as you like.

No cavities, no need to browse the bargain bins at the second-hand clothing store, and no worries about reading the ingredients. It’s all right here:

T.O.F.U. treats

Of course, I’m not saying you can not go trick or treating! I’m just suggesting you enjoy a few other free goodies while you’re at it.

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