Ingredients: what you don’t know will hurt them

To add to the previous discussion on whether or not a true vegan exists, here are a few more products that may slip into our everyday lives without even being checked for animal ingredients:

9 everyday products you didn’t know had animal ingredients (

Although I’m not overly surprised with shampoo and conditioner (#7), toothpaste (#8) and white & brown sugar (#9), such things as fireworks (#5) and car and bike tires (#2) are a shocker. The presence of animal ingredients in musical instruments (#3), especially wooden ones, is something that will actually be discussed a bit in the upcoming issue of T.O.F.U. by Stéphane Groleau. His adventure in building a vegan accordion is a testament to the satisfaction one can get from taking the extra step to ensure a product is vegan beyond just reading the ingredients list.

Luckily, avoiding plastic bags (#1) is becoming more and more of an easy task with the advent of canvas bags, as well as the push by more and more companies to cut back on their use within their stores.

Now if only we could convince people to walk more, and to celebrate events with cupcakes instead of big displays in the sky…

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