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Although I have yet to shop at the new store in Montreal (4148 St-Laurent), which is conveniently located just minutes away from one of the best vegan restaurants in the country, Aux Vivres (4631 St-Laurent), I have shopped online with Viva Vegan. Formerly known as Viva Granola, Brigit and Gregory have been big supporters of the magazine for some time now, and it’s not hard to return that support when they have such a variety of products available. Of course, their friendly attitude and prompt response certainly does not hurt matters! So, when I head up to Montreal in a few months to see Godspeed You! Black Emperor, you can bet I will be making my way to the new store with an Aux Vivres Montreal smoked “meat” sandwich in hand.

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Why run a vegan-friendly business?
The question we asked ourselves was more “Why not?”
We are vegans and we knew firsthand what it was like to try and find vegan products in our neck of the woods and we thought “This is absolute BS!” and “Someone has to fix this”. And then “Why can’t that someone be us?” The rest is herstory.

How long have you been in business?
We opened our virtual doors on World Vegan Day 2007 (Woohoo! Anything to double-party…)

Favourite part about it?
Taste-testing all the products we bring in and deciding what we are keeping all to ourselves and what we are sharing with our customers… OR getting to eat all that has not sold before the Best Before Date (thanking the Vegan Gods that vegan products almost never really “expire”). Or really, meeting great and amazing people who often become friends.

Anything new people should know about?
After three years of being online only, we are FINALLY opening our Physical-IRL-Brick & Mortar-In-Your-Face Retail Store!! Starting January 2011, we will be at 4148 St-Laurent, Montreal, right on the Main. Thanks again to the Vegan Gods.

Who would win in a fight: Quinoa or Couscous?
Kale… or broccoli. Quinoa or Couscous are absolutely no match for the Awesome Power of Leafy Greens. But as you are twisting our arm, we will answer Quinoa because Quinoa is the Bok Choy of grains.

What’s THE thing a vegan has to do in your town?
You mean apart from visiting us at 4148 St-Laurent, Montreal, right on the Main?
If so, we’d say go for a BLT at Aux Vivres – which incidentally is located 650m from 4148 St-Laurent… which you should definitely visit (all horn-tooting aside, naturally)…

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