T.O.F.U. to hit the road in August (with your help?)

Ryan enters America during the T.O.F.U. tour

Although it will not be as large-scale as the first T.O.F.U. tour, we are currently working on a cross-Canada tour to coincide with the release of issue 6 in August. If we’re going to travel across the continent to Portland for Vida Vegan Con, we might as well have some fun on the way, right?

With that in mind, here’s the catch: we’re poor.

I know, you’re shocked. How could a magazine that depends on vegan-friendly companies and folks like yourself to support it be poor, right? Well, apparently life can be expensive, especially when you throw in student loans, rent, and a few other things (like food).

Of course, this means we’re trying to get across the country as cheaply as possible, while still maintaining a schedule so that we can book venues in cities along the way. Thus, biking and hitchhiking are out.

Luckily, this is where you come in! Here’s a PROPOSED list of the tour, followed by a list of what we’re in need of at each stop. If you think you can help in any way wherever you live, drop us a line.

Possible T.O.F.U. tour stops

Saint John
Quebec City
Regina or Saskatoon
Calgary or Edmonton

Things we need help with

  • Venues to hold the event (preferably with a speaker system to allow live music)
  • Musicians (preferably at least one veg*n member in each act)
  • Local organizations to table and promote awareness of the work they do (should be appropriate for a vegan event)
  • Couch/floor/reclining chair to sleep in

If you think you have an answer to any of these, feel we should host an event in your area, or just want to be involved but don’t quite know what to do, email us (ryan at ilovetofu.ca) and we’ll start working on this together.

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  2. michael alvarez-toye wrote: Jul. 12, 2011

    in calgary there is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant called ‘the coup’ which opened up a lounge of sorts next door called the meeting room. that may work, a very casual and extremely popular restaurant…

    • Ryan wrote: Jul. 13, 2011

      Hey Michael,
      I’ve been wanting to check out the Coup ever since our contributor Silvia mentioned it in a past issue! This might be a great way to check it out and have a show all at the same time. Do you know anyone that I should specifically contact?

      thanks for the tip,

  3. Adriane Little wrote: Jul. 08, 2011

    Hi! I work on the PR end of Earth Balance and wanted to reach out to see if you would be interested in receiving coupons for your Canadian tour?

    Thank you and be well,

    Adriane Little
    AspireTrue Communications
    [email protected]

    • Ryan wrote: Jul. 08, 2011

      Hi Adriane,
      I’m sure we can figure something out! Send me an email and we can go from there.

      hope your weekend goes well,
      Ryan (ryan at ilovetofu.ca)

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