Behind the lines: Vegans Love LAVA and Kelly Twomey

Vegans Love LAVA

Kelly Twomey, the mother of Vegans Love LAVA (Leather Alternatives and Vegan Accessories) just recently became a mother to a whole other vegan project, a child. So, it should come as no surprise that she was one of the contributors (“Vegan Parent Forces Child to Eat Nothing But a Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet!”) to our focus section on vegan parenting.

As someone who has been incredibly supportive of T.O.F.U. over the past several years, Kelly sold the third issue of the magazine through her store, and she was also instrumental in helping the tour make a stop in Guelph. With a large selection of items in her store, I highly recommend the To-Go Ware utensil sets, which have rarely left my backpack and made lunch time a lot easier for myself and the environment.

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Why run a vegan-friendly business?
There are only a handful of vegan businesses in Canada, so many people still have to order vegan products from the US or the UK. Canada has to step it up!! We are probably not even in the top five on the list of most vegan-friendly countries. The more vegan businesses in Canada, the easier and more fun it is to be a Canadian vegan. It pains me to hear someone say that being vegan is “too hard”, so starting a vegan business was for me a solution to make it that much easier for people to go vegan, and bring Canada that much closer to the top of the list of most vegan-friendly countries.

How long have you been in business?
LAVA has been in business for three years.

Favourite part about it?
My favourite part of being a vegan entrepreneur is meeting all the awesome vegans in Canada! Since vegan businesses are so scarce in Canada, it’s a really small community, and you get to know the other entrepreneurs, as well as the customers, activists, sanctuary owners, etc.. very well. It’s one big happy family, and I love being a part of this community. We’re all working together to spread the word to live more compassionately and that is a wonderful thing.

Anything new people should know about?
What should new people know about vegan business? Well, it can’t survive unless we support it, so just like sometimes you pay extra for local produce, you sometimes have to pay a little extra to support local vegans. Get to know your local vegan business and support them so they can thrive!

Who would win in a fight: Quinoa or Couscous?
Quinoa hands down! It has a way cooler name. It’s loaded with protein, iron, magnesium and B6. It’s actually a seed, not a grain, so comparing it to couscous is kind of like comparing apples to kale! Couscous is a mighty fine grain in it’s own right.

What’s THE thing a vegan has to do in your town?
If a vegan comes to Guelph and only has time for one thing, they should call me and we’ll go have lunch at a raw vegan restaurant called Wild Organic Way. Or at the very least they should stop in and get one of WOWs amazing smoothies and a couple of hemp balls to go and don’t forget your reusable food containers so you don’t have to get disposables!

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