Behind the lines: Lisa Dempster

Lisa Dempster

I’m not sure how Lisa and T.O.F.U. came to be such great friends, especially since we have yet to actually meet in person, but I am glad that the connection was made some time ago. Along with writing several articles for the magazine over the past few issues, including “I ♥ potlucks” in the most recent, I believe I can attribute the lovely Aussie invasion of the T.O.F.U. store to her blog.

Although it seems Lisa is stepping back from the blogging this year, you can still find her on Twitter and a few other Internetty places. Plus, you can check out her account of her 1200km Buddhist pilgrimage through the mountains of Japan in her book, Neon Pilgrim.

Blog | Twitter | flickr | Purchase Neon Pilgrim

In one word, why are you vegan?

How long have you been vegan?
Three years ish

Who would win in a fight: Quinoa or Cous Cous?

Would you prefer to lead a revolution or to live quietly in the woods?
Revolt or die!

If there is a revolution, will it be televised or a Facebook event?
Neither. Twitter will rock the #revolution.

Favourite vegan thing in your town:
Melbourne has so much amazing vegan food, we are really spoilt for choice, so I’m going to cheat on this question: it’s a tie between Yong Green Food restaurant, New Day Rising cafe and Radical Grocery the vegan supermarket.

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