#OurNewNormal | Chelsea Hildebrandt of Sydney, Australia

Image contains two equal panels. In the right-hand panel, there is a photo of a woman in a video conference. Just a little to the left of the woman, there is a small photo of a man with a white border around it. In the left-hand panel, there is white text on a pastel red background that says “T.O.F.U. Talks #OurNewNormal Episode 09 With Chelsea Hildebrandt of Sydney, Australia”.

In the ninth episode of #OurNewNormal, a T.O.F.U. Talks limited series, we take another trip to Australia to see what life is like for Chelsea Hildebrandt in Sydney during the COVID-19 pandemic. From dealing with the loss of her job (and finding giant spiders at home) to deciding not to go back to Canada, Chelsea covers plenty to show us her new normal.

Recording Date: April 17, 2020

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