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#OurNewNormal | Jenny Marie of Manchester, United Kingdom

Image contains two equal panels. In the right-hand panel, there is a photo of a woman in a video conference. Just a little to the left of the woman, there is a small photo of a man with a white border around it. In the left-hand panel, there is black text on a pastel green background that says “T.O.F.U. Talks #OurNewNormal Season 03 Episode 04 With Jenny Marie of Manchester, United Kingdom”.

Jenny Marie joins me to talk about her experience living in Manchester, United Kingdom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More »

#OurNewNormal | Charlotte Hubbard of Leeds, United Kingdom

To kick-off the new season of #OurNewNormal, I head back to the UK to talk with a new friend in Leeds. Read More »

UK MPs vote to ban wild animals in the circus

lion rolling in grass

We're obviously not experts on politics in the UK, but it seems like something rather good has happened across the Pond recently. Despite pressure from people within the government to back a licensing structure for wild animals in circuses, MPs from all parties voted unanimously against the notion and pushed instead for a complete ban on wild animals in the circusRead More »