Meatless moguls: CEOs and celebs turning vegan

Although I’m not sure which I find more annoying these days, PETA offering to pay for Lohan’s rehab or the previous chatter about Bill Clinton and Mike Tyson turning vegan, I have to admit that this recent trend of big names giving up the animal in their diet is a positive thing.

I’ve always talked about how small steps are a good sign, even if they’re in the form of vegans being punchlines in mainstream film or television, but it seems enough rich people have gone vegan to warrant a spread in Businessweek, which obviously had more to do with cash than compassion.

The Rise of the Power Vegan (

With such people as Steve Wynn going vegan the benefits are almost automatic, if not at least easily identifiable. When you own a restaurant chain and several casinos, your diet can influence the menu rather easily, which then influences the diet of your customers. However, when you’re a former boxer who dined on ear during one infamous match, the influence may not be as obvious. How about if you’re the former President of the United States or the co-founder of Twitter?

Do you think people are more likely to consider veganism because someone such as Ellen DeGeneres enjoys tofu or will they be wooed by a cupcake instead? The article seems to suggest that it may be the age-old tale of romance that has more power than one’s sweet tooth or bank account. Although I think such a scenario still surely brings people into our camp in big numbers, it seems it can not hurt to also have a few heavy rollers in our corner.

Even if they don’t cook for themselves.

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