WAIW | White Veganism Lacks True Compassion

Photo of a grey wall with speckled texture.

Although I touched on it a bit in the latest T.O.F.U. Questions episode last weekend, the debacle that was the Ricky Gervais’ post on Facebook has stuck around in my mind. More importantly, it’s just the latest of many incidents where I’ve been left with the realization that some people just aren’t going to come around.

Since I already talk about it in detail in today’s Where Am I Wednesday episode, I’m not going to bother to discuss it any longer here. Plus, to be honest, I’m struggling with exactly what to write, and it’s also getting a wee bit too warm to be away from the air conditioner typing on a laptop.

So, without further adieu, here are my thoughts this week from the rather warm city of Bangkok, Thailand!

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