TBT | Vegan Sex Can Sell

Picture of a black shirt against a grey background. The shirt has green text that says "Vegans" and white text below that says "We don't just eat like rabbits". In the bottom of the shirt, there are two small rabbits just above the words "T.O.F.U. Magazine"

Given that Easter just happened, I figure throwing back to a rabbit-themed shirt design that I printed for a past T.O.F.U. tour would be a good idea, right?

Funny enough, when I hit the road with two designs, I honestly thought it would be the other one that would sell the best. I was wrong. Folks loved this “Vegans: We Don’t Just Eat Like Rabbits” shirt, and I soon ran out.

I guess it just goes to show that you can reference sex without being misogynistic or catering to only cisgendered folks. I wonder if PETA is taking notes?

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