TBT | Our Heroes are (Still) Problematic

Image contains three photographs placed next to each other in three narrow columns. Each photo contains a male looking at the camera, and he is mimicking the gestures for see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil in each respective panel. Above the men in the photos, there is white text that says "Our Heroes Are Problematic" and below the men there is text that says "Where Am I Wednesday".

TW: Discussions around mental health, rape, sexual assault, and related issues.

As I mentioned in the video included in the last post, the deadline for submissions for the next issue has come and gone. Since I received no actual submissions, which is something I’ve never had happen before, I’m still not entirely sure what the next step will be. T.O.F.U. #16 is/was set to focus on hero worship within the vegan and animal rights community, and it’s a topic that I feel should be discussed more often by all of us.

So, while I debate where to go from here, I thought a throwback to a day when Peter Singer pushed me to discuss just some of the issues with hero worship might be appropriate. Don’t worry, I didn’t just single him out.

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