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Why Can’t I Talk About Me? (

I came across this little article through the Twitter feed of one of our regular contributors, Lisa Dempster, and I felt it might be a good stepping stone towards letting you all know that in the coming weeks I will be doing some self-promotion. Hell, I guess I’ve been doing it for some time now, but I’m hoping it has not been that much of a nuisance, right?

Well, in the coming weeks, I’m going to be trying to get you all involved. As this article points out, the Internet is a big, big place, and the little guy will most likely get lost if left to his own devices. So, I’m hoping you will all point him in the right direction. Basically, if you like what I’m doing and what the contributors are putting out there, spread the word. This next issue is going to be another step towards the vision I have for T.O.F.U., and a key part of that vision is community. We can all be in this together, right?

So, without getting all sentimental and preachy, this is your warning. Did I mention there will be prizes as well?


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