WAIW | Frida the Cat Ninja

Image contains a photo of a cat curled up against a light tan coloured couch. The cat has their head resting on their front paws, and their tail is curled around their body.

Ever since I first started housesitting around four years ago, I’ve always dreaded the thought of writing either of two messages:

  1. Regarding the death of an animal;
  2. Regarding the loss/disappearance of an animal.

Although I’ve dealt with the loss of a number of animals from sits this year, including one where I was actually sitting at the time, the home owner was present in all cases.

Regarding the second situation, I thought I was going to have to write such a message this morning after an incident with the caretaker at the house I’m currently staying in. To find out more, check out this week’s WAIW episode below.

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