WAIW | We’re Not In This Together(?)

Image contains a photo of a man on the left-hand side looking to the top right. The man’s face, shoulders, and left hand are visible, and he’s against a white wall. He has a questioning look on his face, and his hand is resting under his chin.

Although I decided to move the Where Am I Wednesday series updates over to my personal blog earlier this year, I felt like perhaps this week’s episode might be relevant to the magazine as well given that the topic was inspired by the conversations I’ve been having for the #OurNewNormal series.

So, here’s the summary from my blog, and you can watch the episode below:

After more than a month of talking with friends around the world about their COVID-19 pandemic experiences for the #OurNewNormal series, I’ve come to realize that maybe we’re not in this together. In today’s WAIW episode, I reflect on whether or not this is true or if maybe life is just too complicated to sum up in a simple sentence.

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