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The Merch is Almost Ready!

With the magazines, posters and Behind the Scenes all done and ready to hit the road, the only other thing to do is to make merch, right? Read More »

All done

The magazines, Behind the Scenes, and the tour posters currently rest behind me. I also have numerous envelopes stuffed with various things that need to go out in the mail to help spread the good word. I’m tired. =-)

Filling in the Blanks

I keep making little lists for each day to try and keep things moving, but sometimes things move from one list to the next day, and then that list ends up far too big. I'm stuck on a few things right now, but at least the magazine, Behind the Scenes, and the posters are on the printer's plate instead of mine. Read More »

Behind the Scenes

Tomorrow is the day when I end up surrounded in my bedroom by boxes of things that have been living in my head for so long. Yes, the magazine is one of them, but there is another smaller item that most people do not know about. Read More »