Filling in the Blanks

I keep making little lists for each day to try and keep things moving, but sometimes things move from one list to the next day, and then that list ends up far too big. I’m stuck on a few things right now, but at least the magazine, Behind the Scenes, and the posters are on the printer’s plate instead of mine. I only have to book the tour, set-up press releases, find local acts and organizations, think of what I need to bring, save money, try to concentrate on my day job, and keep from jumping up and down when I think about how much of the continent I am about to see out of a van/car/station wagon (yeah, we need to book the car rental too) window.

Off to see Michou play Gus’ Pub as a welcome break to sitting in front of this little box. Both Amanda and I hate computers, but we’re accepting that we need to spend this much time on them so we can take a month off from everything and do what we really want to do… meet exciting people.

See you out there somewhere,

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