TBT | Talking With Our Hen House Again

Image contains a black and white photo of a male with long hair and a beard. The man is staring into the camera with a slight smile. The left side of his face is partially in shadow. Behind him, large bricks are visible. Below the picture and to the left, there is black text that says "Our Hen House Change the World for Animals www.ourhenhouse.org" next to a small cartoon house. To the right of this text, there is text that says "Podcast Episode 497".

If you’re not yet familiar with Our Hen House and all the media they produce, then I highly recommend you check them out. They were doing a podcast well before it was the hip thing to do, and they’ve done plenty more outside of that as well.

I’m not sure how long T.O.F.U. has been connected to OHH in some way, but I do know that the magazine ran an interview with one of its hosts, Jasmin Singer, in T.O.F.U. #6. I actually did a throwback to it in 2016, so you can read the whole piece here without even downloading the issue it was in.

Speaking of 2016, it was also then that I was first invited to be on the podcast, and I had a great time talking with OHH’s other host, Mariann Sullivan, about where things stood with the magazine.

Of course, plenty has changed since then (most importantly, I’m not even in the same country and numerous issues have been released), so I was excited to be invited back again a second time to update folks on where things stood with the magazine and my own life.

This time around, I spoke with Jasmin about a myriad of things (maybe too many!), and I’ve received some great compliments on the episode from listeners. So, since I realized I had forgotten to post about it here, I figured I should do a throwback to share it with you.

If you’re interested in listening, you can find the episode here.

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