WAIW | Chiang Mai in the Rainy Season

Image contains a photo of a green rice field with large leafy trees in the background. Above the trees, light blue clouds can be seen in the distance.

Since I talked earlier this year about how bad things can be in Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand during the burning season when the air quality drops significantly, I decided today to talk a bit about another season in Thailand that can determine whether or not your trip here is good or bad:

The rainy season.

Although one can’t predict exactly when the rainy season will start and end, it typically runs from May/June into October. Depending on the region you’re in (or planning on visiting), you could see a lot of rain and it could last even longer than the time period I just mentioned.

Whether or not this kind of forecast will make or break your decision to travel during that time depends a lot on what you’re hoping to experience while you’re in Thailand. For me, I’m a fan of the rainy season, and you can find out why in today’s Where Am I Wednesday episode.

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