WAIW | Burning Season in Chiang Mai

Image contains two photos that split the screen horizontally. The photo above shows green rice fields with trees and some buildings in the distance. Farther away in the background, a large dark hill can be seen below some blue clouds. The photo below that contains a similar scene, but the hill is no longer visible and the sky is grey and hazy.

I mentioned it a few weeks ago in another WAIW episode, but this week I decided to finally talk a bit more about the dreaded burning season here in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Similar to the rainy season in tropical climates, the burning season is something many folks will tell people to avoid when planning their travels. Personally, I’ve never found the rainy season to be so bad, but I have to admit I agree with people when it comes to avoiding this time of year in Northern Thailand.

Check out the video below to get an idea of just why that is, and feel free to visit this great blog post to find out more about the whole annual nuisance.

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