A Little Help From My Friends?

So, I thought it may help if I posted the tour schedule here in case you have suggestions for the spaces we currently have yet to figure out. We’re looking for venues that are capable of holding a great music show, and if they happen to be veg*-friendly that is a definite plus. If not, I think we’ll be friendly enough to make up for it.

Also, we’re still looking for veg* musicians, in bands or solo, that would be interested in playing a date or two with us. So, if you are in a city where we seem to need help, drop me a line and we’ll work something out.

See you somewhere out there,

Dates in bold are in need of help.


Thurs, Apr.30th – Halifax, Nova Scotia – The Wooden Monkey
Sat, May.2nd – Saint John, New Brunswick – A Khord

Sun, May.3rd – Quebec City, Quebec
Mon, May.4th – Montreal, Quebec

Tues, May.5th – Ottawa, Ontario – Umi Cafe
Wed, May.6th – Toronto, Ontario – The Boat
Thurs, May.7th – Guelph, Ontario – Van Gogh’s Ear

Fri, May.8th – DAY OFF – DRIVING
Sat, May.9th – Winnipeg, Manitoba – Mondragon Cafe
Sun, May.10th - Regina, Saskatchewan – BeetRoot Organics

Mon, May.11th – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Tues, May.12th – Edmonton, Alberta – Hydeaway All-Ages Art Space

Wed, May13 – Calgary, Alberta
Thurs, May.14th – Vancouver, British Columbia


Fri, May.15th – Seattle, Washington – Holy Mountain
Sat, May.16th – Spokane, Washington- Caterina Winery
Sun, May.17th – Portland, Oregon – Laughing Horse Books


Tues, May.19th – San Francisco, California

Wed, May.20th – Echo Park, California – Echo Curio
Thurs, May.21st – Los Angeles, California – Unknown Cafe
Fri, May.22nd – DAY OFF – Los Angeles, California
Sat, May.23rd – Los Angeles, California – Genghis Cohen
Sun,May.24th – Phoenix, Arizona – Ruby Room

Mon, May.25th – Northern Arizona
Tues, May.26th – New Mexico (Albuquerque or Santa Fe)

Wed, May.27th – Denver, Colorado – Quixote’s
Thurs, May.28th – Nebraska – HOLDING FOR SADDLE CREEK BAR

Fri, May.29th – Topeka or Kansas City

Sat, May.30th – Wichita, Kansas – Fisch Haus

Sun, May.31st – Des Moins
Mon, June.1st – Indianapolis

Tues, June.2nd – Mansfield,Ohio – House Show
Wed, June.3rd – PA,NY or NJ – On Hold

Thurs, June.4th – New York City, NY

Fri, June.5th – Long Island, New York – On Hold

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