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Shirts now available

New 2011 T.O.F.U. tour shirts

I met a few volunteer models for some pizza and photos earlier this week, and thanks to their efforts we now have pictures of our shirts on real people! So, check them out soon since there are only a handful of shirts remaining. Read More »

Shirt models needed

TOFU tour 2011 shirts

T.O.F.U. needs models for our new shirt designs, and you should be involved! If you bought a shirt during the last tour, or you happen to live in Vancouver, please drop us a line! Read More »

Holy shirt! What a sale!

Peppers banner

Here at T.O.F.U., we don't just publish a vegan magazine, we also do shirts. In fact, we've got a few left from our last run and we need to get rid of them to make our packing easier for the tour. Read More »

Boxing day sale!

Alright, so maybe the sweater your aunt gave you just doesn't have enough attitude. Or maybe the socks your mom so lovingly picked out for you are fuchsia, and you hate fuchsia. Either way, you need more vegan stuff, right? Read More »


Alright, I finaly managed to nab a few models to get some quick pics of the merch I will be touring with. I still have to try and grab a few other folks to model the hoodies (similar to the black shirts) and there are pink shirts as well as brown that are currently only visible in my room and your imagination. Read More »

Magazines, posters, shirts and hoodies… oh my!

The shirts and hoodies are now under the same roof as the magazine and the posters. Well, the posters would be gone if it was not pouring rain (still!) here in Halifax. I hope we leave this weather behind and come back to sunshine and warmth in June. Read More »