Holy shirt! What a sale!

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With the deadline for issue six contributions now passed, and plans underway for a small T.O.F.U. tour across Canada in August, we’re as busy as ever. Of course, never happy with just doing two things at once, we’re also moving the office and our lives to places unknown. That’s right, T.O.F.U. is headed west, and we’re not sure where we’re going to stop.

We need to start packing, and that means paring down to the bare necessities (still hoping a food processor will fit in the overhead compartment). While we haven’t really started the hard work of cleaning, organizing and packing, we’re sure that the shirts from the last tour have to find owners. With just a few left, we’re hoping we don’t have to leave our mixing bowls behind to make room for these lonely peppers.

Of course, we know appealing to your emotions for inanimate objects is probably not going to flood our inbox with orders, so we’re willing to make you an offer you can’t refuse (hopefully):

Our old tshirt stock is now $5 (plus shipping).

That’s right, our sweatshop free, fairly traded shirts (justshirts.ca), which were screenprinted by a one-man operation in Halifax, are now available for well below what we paid to make them! If that piques your interest, you can check out the selection in our online store. If you’re still not biting, then we’re out of ideas, and you don’t get a shirt. Sorry.

Purchase a shirt for $5 (plus shipping).

wondering if a spatula will make it through security,
Team T.O.F.U.

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