Boxing day sale!

Alright, so maybe the sweater your aunt gave you just doesn’t have enough attitude. Or maybe the socks your mom so lovingly picked out for you are fuchsia, and you hate fuchsia.

Perhaps you’ve been sitting staring at the cute little robot at the end of the new issue of T.O.F.U. (you have it, right?), and now you feel there is a void in your life while you wait for the next one.

Well, you’re all in luck! Hell, even if you don’t fall into one of the above categories you might just be happy to hear about yet another boxing day sale.

Yup, hop on over to the store, which is conveniently located here, and use this lovely little discount code (tofubot) to get $5 off any purchase over $15. So, if you have yet to grab one of the remaining T.O.F.U. tour shirts, now is your chance.

That way you can have something to make a stand against the friend with the “Bacon is a vegetable” shirt in the new year.

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