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Greenwich market no place for Ms. Cupcake?

Ms Cupcake's cupcakes

Citing that "there are too many cake stalls" at the market, and requesting that she sell during the quieter Friday markets, the Divisional Director of Property Management for the market, Paul Turton, is causing quite a stir amongst the customers. Read More »

Love from Washington, D.C.

Some folks in Washington, D.C. seem to dig what we're doing this time around! Check out Well and Good online for a few great vibes. Read More »

Lentil as Anything: is it love?

Alright, maybe it’s just a crush since they’re not entirely vegan, and they are on the other side of the world, but I can be smitten for today, right? Lentil as Anything They have a “pay as you feel” policy, three locations, live music, artwork, films and they are quite active in their community. Oh yeah, […]

Vegan cupcakes as you’ve never seen them before!

These lovely comics will answer a few questions you may or may not have had about vegan cupcakes. Read More »

It’s a small world (with lots of options)

With the new issue being completely digital the whole world has opened up in terms of who can be involved. In fact, I'm hoping I will be able to showcase what veganism looks like in as many places as possible. Read More »

A good offence is a vegan cupcake?

I was going to be negative in my newest post, but I decided to go with the more positive and tasty alternative. Plus, I may have passed my PETA rant quotient for the year. Sorry. ‘Vegan cupcake:’ The tastiest oxymoron If you can get past Vanessa Farquharson’s need to make veganism seem extreme and her […]