Lights, camera, vegan!

Given where some past vegan cooking show folks have ended up (*cough* Isa and Terry *cough*), and the fact that these lovely sounding folks have Hollywood behind them (literally behind them, maybe not supportively behind them), I suspect we may hear more about them in the coming weeks or months. Of course, maybe you already have and I’m just out of the loop?

Bringing Vegan to the People (

They seem to have a great attitude for what they’re doing, and some of their ideas for future episodes would be entertaining for sure (Fatburger customer persuasion anyone?) However, I can’t say I’m completely supportive of some of their health claims, but I also lack any sort of major nutritional background, so I could be wrong.

Other than that, I say you head on over to Spork Foods and see what they’re all about!

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