T.O.F.U.’s new purrfect partnership


I was up far too late last night, but it was for good reason. So, despite my lack of sleep, I’m up early today to announce a mew direction for T.O.F.U. magazine.

After careful analysis of post statistics, Facebook interactions, complex algorithm analysis and data dissection, we came to realize that things needed to change around the old homestead. Once we made this discovery, which was something we had been suspecting for some time, we also used our numbers, figures and the trusty ol’Interwebz to determine that the best way to increase interest in the magazine and what we do was not to focus on creating engaging content. Although it originally seemed like providing a platform for vegans to show what they do would be the perfect partnership, today we’ve decided to go one step further.

So, with that I’m proud to announce that from this moment, T.O.F.U. magazine will be pairing every post, tweet and magazine issue with a cute picture of a cat.

We’ve worked hard to develop this fine feline fellowship with several suppliers of cat images (believe us, there are many!), and we guarantee that the quality and cuteness will be outstanding every day. Oh, and the actual content might be interesting too.

If you have images you feel we should be using right meow, please contact us.

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