The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado Likes Us!

Vegan Cookbook Aficionado

Although things have been quiet on the actual magazine front, I’ve been busy behind the scenes as per usual. Normally, that would mean just keeping up with bills and life in general, but these past couple of months at least some of my time has been spent rounding up folks for issue seven. I’m happy to say that’s coming along nicely. In fact, the submission deadline was yesterday, so now today I get to send out another round of emails to the stragglers and those delayed by life to see just when things will come my way.

Of course, another issue wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for people being interested in the last six, and that’s why I’m happy to hear from folks like Megan at The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado. She was looking for some help on her vegan MOFO posts by interviewing vegans she found interesting, and I’m flattered to be among that crowd.

So, jump over to her site and check out what I had to say about how T.O.F.U. came to be and a few other things. Of course, while you’re there you should be sure to check out her recent posts on Nanaimo Bars, and her drool-inducing vegan poutine.

Did I mention, she’s a fellow Canadian? Not only that, but she’s a Newfoundlander at heart too.

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