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Second Interview for Vegan For All Seasons

Recently, Annika Lundkvist of Vegan For All Seasons did another interview with me to discuss travel, veganism, publishing, and more. She asked some great questions about the places I’ve visited lately, and got me thinking about plenty of things, including how I prefer to explore the world and just why I continue to move around.

Annika: You live a pretty nomadic life and seem to be able to experience areas as more of a long time traveller or local with your movement style. Do you have a home base and what propels all your movement?

Ryan: The closest I have to a home base would be my parents’ home back in NL. Outside of that, I live out of my backpack, which has become considerably smaller since the last time I visited my folks. I made the jump to carry-on only when I left NL for Ireland, and I don’t regret it at all!

Along with now being able to move with relative ease, I guess I still haven’t found where I want to settle down. Of course, I’m not entirely sure if I ever will. Even before I was travelling around the world, I spent plenty of time touring with bands across Canada and the United States, and I’ve always felt rather comfortable in at least a minor state of flux.

Plus, travelling lets me experience things I may never have had the chance to see and do if I had stayed in one place. I’m privileged enough to be able to be mobile, so I don’t let that go to waste. I want to see the world, and talk with people all over. I want to learn bits and pieces about what drives them, what limits them, and what similarities and wonderful differences we have.

At some point down the road, whether it’s through ageing, finances, or something else, I may not be as privileged, which pushes me to try and do it all now. When I die, I want stories, not regrets.

Along with the first interview, Annika also has a great list of vegan magazines that you should check out. Seriously, it’s a surprisingly big list!

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