T.O.F.U. #11 | Meet the Vegan Illustrators

Cover for Issue 11 Meet the Illustrators

Now that I’ve shown you who the writers are for the next issue, and even posted the first article, I think it’s time for me to introduce you to the illustrators who helped to make this upcoming release look great!

For a number of years, I worked closely with my good friend, Amanda Rogers, who was always kind enough to help me out with design work, despite having a full-time job doing similar things at Subcat Studios in Syracuse, New York, USA. Of course, for those of you who have been following along with T.O.F.U.’s history, you probably recognize Amanda’s name from more than just the Creative Director credit in issues 7-9. During both The Wild T.O.F.U. Tour and the first T.O.F.U. tour in 2009, Amanda also shared her music to help promote the magazine. In fact, for issue eight, we even offered the first digital bundle for T.O.F.U. and an artist when she added her double-album, Wild, to the mix.

Needless to say, Amanda is a rather creative individual with her fingers in many pots (and a green thumb or two in the garden!), so when it came time to work on illustrations for issue eleven, I offered to give her a break so she could focus on things like her upcoming album, Heavy Blue. Of course, she didn’t quite take said break, and ended up involved with doing the artwork for one piece, but I’m glad she did and I look forward to all of our future collaborations.

So, with the stage set for new faces, who ended up offering their skills to pair the articles with some great artwork? I’m happy to say that the cast is as follows:

Illustration for T.O.F.U. 11 by Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee

When Michelle isn’t working at her day job, she can be found taking pictures of her cats, designing beautiful things (such as The Book of T.O.F.U.), and slowly becoming an avid British columbia hiker.

ig: @food.n.catz

Illustration for T.O.F.U. 11 by Matt Gauck

Matt Gauck

Matt Gauck is a freelance illustrator and screen printer living in Portland, Oregon. He spends most of his time drawing, riding his bike, and watching awful horror movies. He is also good at handstands.

w: mattgauck.com | ig: @veganpatches

Illustration for T.O.F.U. 11 by Núria Vall,

Núria Vall

A vegan and strong advocate for animal rights, Núria Vall’s work showcases a subtle contact between her nines (dolls) and animals to represent a mutual trust and respect between humans and animals, as well as a desire for an equality between all species.

w: nuriavall.com

Illustration for T.O.F.U. 11 by Amanda Rogers

Amanda Rogers

Amanda Rogers is an illustrator, international touring and recording artist, longtime and lifetime vegan, earth and animal rights activist, naturist, gardener, and d.i.y. enthusiast.

w: amandaspiano.com

Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in reading this issue, it’s now available in the online store to download for whatever price you want to pay, including free.

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