WAIW | Morning Market Haul in Saigon

Image contains a photo of a variety of food on a white tabletop. On the left-hand side, in a green plastic basket, there are bright red tomatoes and a bunch of morning glory. To the right of the basket, there is a plastic container of small blocks of fried tofu, and just below that there is a banh mi sandwich.

With the pandemic continuing to shutter most of the world in many ways, my adventures these days have been far from extravagant. At this point, going out to the market to get food for the next while is about as exciting as life gets. Thankfully, since things are still relatively good here in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, the morning vendors have lots to choose from. In fact, at the end of my street, I can even get fresh soy milk and tofu, which just makes me even more thankful to be where I am right now.

To see what else I picked-up this morning during my big outing, check out this week’s Where Am I Wednesday episode below.

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