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Red Radio sits down with T.O.F.U.

old radio

Ryan sat down with Erin from Red Radio last weekend, and what resulted was quite the conversation on everything from nonononono cat to PETA's sexist ad campaigns. Read More »

VegNews finally (properly) acknowledges the issue


"We screwed up."

Those three words were all a lot of us needed to move on to bigger issues, and we finally got them from VegNews yesterday. Read More »

VegNews, Apologies, and the Fine Art of Growing Up

VegNews Logo

Let me talk to you about sincere apologies. Real apologies, the heartfelt kind, aren't defensive. Even if they do try to provide explanations for bad behaviour, they never try to provide excuses for it. They admit to wrongdoing, and profess regret for the harm that wrongdoing has caused. VegNews' response to the photo scandal? Not an apology. Here's why. Read More »

T.O.F.U.: 100% meat (photo) free, as we should be


As someone involved in the publishing business, though not to such an extent as VegNews, I have always battled with several things involving the vegan "purity" of the magazine. The big ones would involve such things as booking a tour date in a non-vegan bar, having people involved with the project who may not be vegan, promoting companies that may not be 100% vegan, and including articles that may not be completely relevant to veganism itself. Read More »

The pink elephant: Post-, pre- and vegan

Pink elephant

I never followed Tasha before this post, but I'm sure I knew the name Voracious Vegan in passing. I'm assuming most, if not all, of you have already read it and thought about it yourself, so I'm not going to get into the details. However, if you have not read it, then I suggest you do. Read More »

Blast from the past: the Alicia Silverstone debate continues

After discussing my last post, Vegan celebrity: do as I say, not as I eat, with a few people it became obvious that I may not have written it as clear as I thought. So, I’m glad I came across this piece that seems to say a few of the points I wanted to make […]