Red Radio sits down with T.O.F.U.

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A little over a week ago I was lucky enough to be asked to chat with Erin from Red Radio. We covered quite a lot of ground in a little over an hour, and there was plenty more that was left on the editing floor. Of course, this is what happens when you get two opinionated, Canadian vegans on a microphone together, right?

So, while I’m taking this holiday Monday here in Canada to keep the ball rolling for issue #7 submissions (you have sent in a pitch, right?), feel free to listen to what we had to say about YouTube cat videos, Canada, Newfoundland, Ontario, PETA (I’ll give you two guesses how this topic went), and so much more.

Red Radio Ep. 39: Shootin’ the T.O.F.U. with Ryan Patey

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