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WAIW | Cacao in Thailand

I had an adventure today, and it ended with me eating fresh cacao nibs, which I think means it was a pretty great adventure. Read More »

Review: Fran Costigan’s “Vegan Chocolate”

The cover of Fran Costigan's Vegan Chocolate Cookbook

Find out what Dan Hanley from The Gay Vegans has to say about Fran Costigan's "Vegan Chocolate" and the numerous desserts within. Read More »

Review: Rabbit Food Cookbook

Regular T.O.F.U. contributor Ashley Riley hit the kitchen recently to see if Beth A. Barnett's recent cookbook, Rabbit Food, could hold its own on her already crowded recipe book shelf. Read More »

Vegan Weddings: Vega(awwwww)n or He(a)r(t)bivore?

Chocolate hearts

Alright, it's Valentine's day. I'm not saying you have to go crazy to celebrate it, and I'm sorry if you were trying to avoid it, but I figured this little piece of news was not going to have a better time to be mentioned. Read More »