Are vegans extinct?

Taken from: Quarrygirl forums

Saw this on ye olde Twitter today, and I figured it was an interesting point to touch on.

For me, being vegan is about trying to reduce the number of products I purchase, consume, use, etc… that involve animals. I have not lost sleep over the idea that somewhere in the run of my day something might slip in that involved an animal, but I do try to filter it all out.

So, does this graphic mean a true vegan can not exist in today’s modern world? In a society where industry has discovered ways to use every part of an animal that most of us would never even dream of, can we be a strict vegan?

This leads me to wonder where everyone else draws the line? In the past, T.O.F.U. has subtlety poked fun at those who identify as vegetarian while still eating fish, a little chicken, etc… Is it any different when we identify as vegan and still eat things involving refined sugar? Or what about those who still wear animal products? Or who still drink non-vegan beer?

If we had the Vegan Police like in the movie Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World it would be easier. Of course, if we had super powers like the movie also suggests, maybe we wouldn’t need a police force?

Super heroes or not, does a true vegan stand a chance in today’s world? Are vegans extinct? Did one ever really exist?

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