T.O.F.U. is good for you: An interview for fatgayvegan


Sometime last week, Sean from fatgayvegan was kind enough to ask me a few questions to start a series on his blog focusing on vegan bloggers, writers and other fine folk who share their knowledge with the world at large. I’m excited to see where the idea goes from here, and I encourage you to keep an eye on his site for future interviews.

“FGV: T.O.F.U. seems to have a strong belief in DIY veganism, sourcing articles/photos from activists and bloggers from all over the world. Would you say is it important for vegans to push for self-determination in their publications?

RP: I think it’s important for people in general to push for some sort of independence in what they do. With the current state of technology, especially the Internet, people can create and distribute pretty much anything they can imagine, but only if they have the determination to do so…”

T.O.F.U. is good for you

Similar to the Prana post, the interview touched a little on how T.O.F.U. came to be, but Sean also pulled a few things from my head about how someone could get involved in publishing their own vegan content, and how important it is to maintain a certain degree of independence when doing so. Basically, he asked me a few questions, and I went off on a tangent or two that might not have directly answered each question. Hopefully, he got what he wanted out of the whole thing. I know I had fun.

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