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Have you heard of T.O.F.U. Magazine? It’s an independent, intersectional, vegan magazine run entirely by my friend Ryan, and it’s really as amazing as it sounds. I think it’s just exactly what the world needs more of right now — independent media that focuses on the intersection of health, environmental, and social justice issues.

I’m happy to see that folks are talking about the Patreon campaign, but more importantly I’m really happy to see all the kind things they’re saying about T.O.F.U. in general.

I’ve been a fan of Bonzai Aphrodite for years now, and her post about facing failing health as a vegan was the inspiration to focus on that exact topic in the next issue. So, it should be no surprise that the issue itself will feature an interview with her to follow-up on her health, feedback from people, and more since her initial post years ago.

If you believe that interview, along with all the other pieces in the issue (as well as future issues) deserves to be in print, then please consider subscribing to the magazine through the Patreon campaign here.

In case I still haven’t sold you, then check out Bonzai Aphrodite’s post about just why she thinks T.O.F.U. needs your support!

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