Planting a Seed with The Vegan Harvest

Cover for Planting a Seed with The Vegan Harvest

There are several issues within our movement. Our movement is far from being inclusive. That being said, there are some really wonderful folks who are working hard at providing society with an alternative. One of these alternatives is T.O.F.U. Magazine.

One thing that I’ve always loved about doing the magazine, especially now that years have passed since the first issue was published, is hearing stories from people who were touched by it in some way. In the case of the author behind The Vegan Harvest, Marieke Gruwel, I’m happy to say that although her story started with finding T.O.F.U. online, it eventually turned into a real life friendship. Not only that, Marieke has also written for the magazine in the past, and has an article in the upcoming issue as well.

Basically, she’s an awesome person, and I’m happy to have her support.

If you’re wondering what she loves about the magazine, then please check out her post about why she feels T.O.F.U. is important today.

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